Finally back to real work for developers!

As much as I like to hang out with others, discuss, exchange ideas, joke, etc. I can’t do it for very long unless I also find time to do things and implement real stuff.

I spent most of last week between a workshop on SAP HANA and SAP’s Developer Kick Off Meeting (DKOM). Both were fantastic for learning, sharing and networking. I spent last friday catching with emails and preparing my talk for the Evans Data Corporation Developer Relations Conference (EDC DRC). I spent monday at Day 1 of EDC DRC. And today -finally!- I am back to work to do things…

… back to advancing SAP Developer Programs…

We have so much to do! Of course my team is doing most of the work but I want to “do” stuff too.

You may wonder what stuff we are working on. It’s hard to list everything; there is plenty to be done but below are those things that are most important and urgent:

  1. improving the developer experience by making our technologies and platforms -mostly databases, cloud and mobile- more easily accessible and programmable (via APIs!) and by helping developers use the tools of their choice to develop with our software;
  2. improving our content for developers – guides, code samples, video tutorials – by making all of it easily searchable, relevant and supportive of self learning;
  3. re-creating the developer center web site and making it “amazing”, ie better than state of the art, including a simplified the legal framework: minimum number of clicks, minimum number of agreements;
  4. promoting a new SAP, with exciting value for developers, end to end.

Of course this is not simple and a lot or work for my team and development teams. But exciting!

And there is more: we are preparing more exciting things: new developer events, which we will organize, co-organize or sponsor.

I know there is not much details at this point but if you’re a developer reading this, be reassured that SAP takes you seriously and that we are working very hard to serve you.

Stay tuned,  more details to come soon!


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