We wanna be builders…

Remember when you built your first people, animals, monsters or cars with play-dough? Wasn’t it exciting to build your own things with play-dough, legos or blocks?

120508_CPE_play dough_03

Similarly isn’t it exciting to create software and see it running? Depending on the software it might not feel as artistic as a beautiful winner in play-dough or a gigantic castle in lego, but the experience of putting the last touch on something you built is often quite enjoyable…

Unfortunately my job and that of many in my team does not give us much chance to build stuff that we can look at, use as decoration, deeply admire and be proud of. In our era of constant interruption with emails, phone calls, time for creative activities tends to be minimal or nonexistent. And many of us crave for painting, cooking, mending, etc.

This is the reason why my team came up with the brilliant idea to jointly make space for building of stuff. We just bought a 3D printer kit from Ultimaker. We will start to assemble the kit tomorrow (build #1). Once the 3D printer is up and running we will do a contest for the best 3D print (build #2). The winner will be an InnoJam winner prize. As we get more proficient with using a 3D printer we’ll deserve to use more tools… Therefore we will spend a day at TechShop where we will build objects for personalizing our space in PAL07 (build #3).

Story and pictures of build #1 tomorrow… Stay tuned!

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