Build #1

I announced it on thursday: yesterday was phase #1 of “we wanna be builders”, ie the start of Build #1 where my team will build a 3D printer… from an Ultimaker kit.

3pm PST: Ready? Go!!!

First thing: the team opens the box to find hundreds of pieces, big or small.


Then everyone tries to figure out where to start and where the various pieces are.




The thing starts to look more like one thing… Not yet a printer but we can start to imagine what it may look like…


Even though I show you a sequence of pictures, parallel work is going on. Below the result of hard work from the smaller hands of Rocky, Gigi, Lars and me.


Hard work needs serious drinks… Note the SAP bottle opener!


Kai-Christoph is really passionate!


Isn’t it beautiful? Victory is around the corner… but pride is already there…


A printer with a view… Now we are tackling Guide 4 of 7!


6:30pm and Build#1 is not over. Stay tuned for the second round next week!

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2 Responses to Build #1

  1. Hester Hilbrecht says:

    I wish I could have been there! Looks like so much fun 🙂

  2. ingachguk says:

    And here is the proof that the Ultimaker is working 😉 Thank you, Rocky!

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