Kiss Me Dirty San Jose 2013 run – SAP women were there!

On April 14 I ran my first ever mud run. Why? Because… why not? Actually my dear colleague Inga, who is always ready for fun, registered an SAP team for the Kiss Me Dirty San Jose run and made it easy for me to try. As you can guess from the name, the race is for girls only (hey! didn’t we spot a few men too?).


That’s us: Sophie, Anne, Inga, Stephanie

Six of us from SAP signed up: Inga, Nadine, Sarah, Sophie, Stephanie and me. The day off, Nadine was ill and could not join, and we did not find Sarah on the course. So 4 of us made the SAP team.


Celebrating being clean…

I had never run a mud run before so I was not sure about what was awaiting us. I had run in the mud a few times during or after rain but never in “designed” mud. I don’t think my team mates knew either but discovering together was kind of fun. The event was crowded. Maybe 1000 girls?

When the 4 of us arrived -already together- at Santa Clara Fairgrounds, at around 9am, we picked our bibs, checked our dry clothes and went to inspect the course. Inga had prepared everything: team t-shirts, garbage bags, dry towels. Sophie, Stephanie and I were fully assisted. Our team got assigned to start in the 9th wave of the race at 10:50am. We cheated and joined the 3rd wave. Why wait to get dirty?


1st muddy moment – obstacle #1

The first hundred yards were quite dry. We ran on hay and dirt…

Then we got into the first mud puddle. Of course it is not very welcoming. Not the time to have cold feet. It just took us 10 seconds to get mud from toe to calf. We recolored our hair too…

Then we ran again. Our shoes were quite heavy, I would guess about 2 pounds each. At least we did not lose them like a few women did …


Inga mastering obstacle #2

The second obstacle was mostly an exercise of style compared to the first one. We had to slalom between tires. Inga did it quite elegantly.


Sophie following Stephanie and bathing her pants in the sticky mud at obstacle #3


The third one was the most disgusting: sticky mud in your feet and on your butt. And there were tons of women stuck in there… We all made it through with fun.


Actually Sophie never stopped smiling for the entire race. Did you really enjoy it Sophie 😉 ?



One the web, the muddy one

The fourth obstacle was our favorite: climbing and descending a muddy web. I was just afraid that the structure would not support all of us or maybe that one girl would fall on another.

Aren’t we the most elegant of the lot? Not very clean but…


Then we were so dirty that no mud could scare us. We survived the next obstacles, playing the equilibrists on the fifth, getting more wet on the sixth – and pausing for memories, jumping hurdles on the seventh, climbing mud walls on the eighth, swimming (not us!) on the ninth.

pic7 pic8pic9 pic10pic11 pic12

And finally, the finish line awaited us with foamy soap. So nice!!!!

pic13 pic14

We appreciated our bottle of hint water, our banana, our little dry towel and of course the washing area.

We had loads of fun. Thank you Inga for organizing, Sophie and Stephanie for smiling all along!

Practice at one Kiss Me Dirty race next to you and join us next year!

One day, can we do one in real mud, and not in designed mud?


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